When we talk about customer support it is well known that every business has to offer the best attention to their clients in order to keep them satisfied with the company’s services. We have to different ourselves from the competitors in products, services and brand image.
The clients are just more demanding every day. They are looking to satisfy their needs. That is why a lots of companies are wondering how to choose the best customer support? With this comes the technology, that is the most important key to the company’s success.

24-hours customer support?

Yes, it is possible. Dell offers every day and all the day support to their clients. If they have desktop computers, laptops, printers, scanners, tablets and others they will be able to solve the issues that they can experience any time of the day. This service uses the Internet. The users will make free calls to contact the customer support team that are qualified for giving the best solutions to Dell’s problems. Of course, with a personalized service. It is a way to keep the client comfortable and happy.
Client’s service offered
Dell counts with a variety of technical assistance services that their clients can enjoy. This is applicable for all the Dell’s devices. It also offers client assistance. Some of the devices can be: computers, printers, laptops, tablets and scanners. Every client has different needs and the customer support will attach to every of it. Some of the most common devices that needs assistance are:

1. Dell computers: this assistance service offers qualified engineers that are capable and always available to solve any problem that can appear in the computers. Such as technical issues, that affects the performance and functionality of Dell computers.

2. Dell scanners: these scanners have a very High Quality technology that offers different features that will attach to the need of your business or your personal life. Like the other devices, dell scanners can present some issues that our technicians are capable to solve. If you have trouble with this device, you can call to the customer support. It is important to know what kind of scanner you have to bring the better information to the team and the will give you the possible solutions.

3. Dell printers: the dell printers that can you can have more trouble with are laser printers and wireless printers. This is because they use a lot the connection to the internet and they tend to affect the performance and functionality of the printers. But if you still have problem with other kind of printer you will still get help to solve it. You also should know the model or type of printer you have to ease the process with the team.

4. Dell laptops: laptops are smallest than desktop computers. They can be taken anywhere because they are very portable. If you are having trouble with your laptop you can contact the experts that will bring you the best solution to your issue. It will also give you the technical specifications of each model or type of device. It is important to know that not laptop problems are the same as the desktop computer problems. It is important for you to know the laptop’s model or name.

5. Dell tablet: this advice is touch screen. You have to have an optical pencil that suits your tablet well. Also you have to maintain well your tablet and optical pencil. If you take care of them, you will surely don’t have problems. But, if you get an issue you can still contact the customer support team in order to get help with it. You might have the model or type of tablet.

6. Customer support service number: this number will always be available the 24 hours of the day and also the 7 days of every week. With agents ready to help you with your laptop, desktop computer, scanner, printer or tablet.
How to get customer support and remote assistance?
If you have any Dell device, you can have customer support. You can access to it through a free telephone call and make contact with the agents. You can also contact them by email. It all depends on your preferences. You can contact the support team to obtain responses or solutions to the problems with any of your devices such as printers, scanners, tablets, desktop computers, laptops or others. All the clients can get access very easily to the contact number of email.
If you require remote assistance you can have access to a telephone call. The technicians will assist you with your problem with the Dell device. The desktop computer and laptop’s clients can contact the remote assistance to solve connectivity problems. They will have a complete service.
Common issues and common ways to solve it

The most common issues that can appear in a Dell device are related to:

1. Data backup and restoration
2. Adware and malware elimination
3. Optimization assistance
4. Fine tuning assistance
5. Customer support problems Dell’s help
6. PC controller installation and setup assistance
7. Dell fault: Internet service problem solutions
8. PC fails discover and repair assistance
9. Virus detection and repair
10. Overheating of the processor

Dell laptop’s customer support:
1. Data storage and backup
2. Help with screen repair
3. Connectivity problems with internet
4. Firewall and problems related to the security of this device
5. Installation and setup of the browser
6. Laptop optimization
7. Connectivity problems with WiFi and Bluetooth setup
8. Fine tuning of the laptop
9. OS repair in any type of laptop

Dell printer’s assistance services:

1. Dell printer setup for laptops and PCs.
2. Plug and play error correction
3. Any Dell printer’s error and repair
4. Dell Windows printer controller’s installation
5. Printer installation
6. Cable network printer’ installation and problem solutions
7. Dell wireless printer installation and problem solutions
8. Printer’s installation and problem solutions
9. Problems with Dell laser printer

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